Will Jawan movie cross 1000 crore on Box Office?

There is a lot of excitement about Shah Rukh Khan’s next film Jawan, which has the potential to wreck havoc on the box office. This is because this might be Shah Rukh’s biggest film, as well as his biggest hit.
As per sources, the Jawan’s budget Film is 300 Crore +.
This is why this is SRK’s most expensive film as well.

Cast of Jawan

Shah Rukh Khan

Deepika Padukone


Vijay Sethupathi

Sunil Grover

After the trailer release, all the speculations about the star cast has been removed. Shah Rukh khan is going to play an under cover Army officer a.k.a Jawan. While the protagonist is still speculated to be Hritik Roshan. Jawan movie cast will also have other stars like Deepika, Nayanthara and comedian Sunil Grover a.k.a Gutthi.

Will Jawan movie cross 1000 crore at Box Office?

Well in short, the answer is yes. We saw the same result at the time of Pathan. The film Pathan was released in same year 2023 as broke all box office record.
As this is going to be Shah Rukh’s bigges film of his career, so it will be safe to say that Jawan will cross 1000 crore at box Office and will be SRK’s biggest hit.

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